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2401 Ga. Hwy. 133 South
Moultrie, Georgia 31788

10 Hrs a day Monday - Thursday
Plant Hours- 6am-4 pm

Office: (229) 985 - 2264
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  We are Hub Zone Certified
  8(a)-WOSBs and SDBs Firm
  Coat to Military specs
  Coat for UL Approved Companies
  We Are ITAR Certified International Traffic in Arms Registered

Our Custom Specialties
Southern Powder Coating, Inc.

Q: What is Powder Coating???
A: Powder Coating is a painting process using dry powdered paint that is baked in an oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven curing melts the dry powder into a "gel state" then further curing causes this gel to harden into a very tough coating.

Q: How can you paint parts with a dry powder???
A: The powder is applied using an electrostatic charge. Similar to the way dust sticks to your Television screen, the electro-statically charged powder sticks to the parts.

Q: Why doesn't powder coated parts drip or run in the oven???
A: When powder is in the "gel state" it is very thick like paste and therefore, it doesn't run or drip.

Q: What kind of parts can be powder coated???
A: Any metal part can be coated: aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, . The only questionable metals are magnesium and aluminum castings due to it's chemistry.

Q: Is Powder Coating better than liquid paint?
A: Yes, powder coating is thicker 3-4 mils and paint is typically 1-2 mils. The thickness of the powder coating makes powder coating more resistant to scratches and nicks. Powder coating is versatile and can be used on springs without cracking the coating. You can't do that with paint!

Q: Can parts be coated with a clear powder coating?
A: Of course, there are several clear powder coatings available from semi gloss to high gloss. The clear powder coating works great on polished parts eliminating the need to keep polishing your parts. And best of all, the clear powder coatings outlast liquid clear coatings.

Q: How does the oven temperature affect my metal parts?
A: The oven temperature is low enough to avoid any metal fatigue. We have powder coated automotive leaf and coil springs for hundreds of customers over the last decade without incident.

Q: How much does powder coating cost?
A: Powder coating costs about the same as other professionally applied paints or coatings. Some bulk plating processes similar to anodizing may be slightly less expensive. More decorative finishes like chrome plating is substantially more expensive than powder coating.

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